Advertising is all around us, but we are so used to it, that it is often ignored. I work with my clients on an advertising campaign that really captures the attention of your audience – from social media advertising, to more traditional marketing methods, such as magazines, banners and bus shelters.

I work with your budget to advise on the best value advertising strategy and oversee the entire project, from artwork to reporting and analysis.

Graphic Design

Your brand identity says so much about your business, so it’s important to get it right. But, it doesn’t end with your logo…

It is important to carry your message across all forms of branding – from your business cards and stationary, to shop signage, car artwork, banners… The list goes on! I am here to help new businesses create a brand and everything that comes with it, or equally to work with established businesses to create both digital and traditional artwork to compliment your brand.

Social Media

We all know the importance of social media in this day and age, but not everyone knows how to do it right. I believe that you are better to not market your business on social media, than to market it badly, as it has such a massive impact on how your customers and prospective customers perceive your brand.

I have a lot of experience in working with brands on social media and would love to help you market your business, either through a social media management plan, or as part of a consultancy service.

Website Design

Every business needs a website. It’s an essential, used to gain exposure on search engines and it can also be used as a tool to sell your product or service.

In my view, a lot of small businesses are sold a fancy bespoke website, which they just don’t need. These are often hand-coded, which can mean that the company then cannot make changes themselves. This may lead to expensive monthly fees and a lack of control over your website. This is why I design WordPress websites, using templates from trusted developers.

Save costs for the areas that need investment and get in touch for that online presence.