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Why you need a mobile-friendly website

So, you may have been told that you need a mobile-friendly website, but do you really know why? A Brief History Back in 2016, worldwide mobile usage overtook desktop usage. From this moment on, it became very clear just how much people relied on their mobile phones and businesses came to realise that a mobile-friendly…
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Website Hosting

Hosting Jargon Explained

Website hosting is a minefield. There are so many different options and preferences, not to mention the range of jargon that goes with it. As we are passionate about transparency, we want to explain the complications of hosting to you and attempt to make it somewhat clearer. 1. Domain Name Server (DNS) The Internet is…
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The Biggest Brands Using WordPress Sites

People often think that because WordPress is an open source CMS system (that’s Content Management System) that it’s not good enough for the big brands. To prove that this is really not the case, we have put together a list of large companies that use WordPress as a base for their websites. 1. Sony Music…
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